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The Sunshine Bliss Project was created to guide and assist humanity through the ascension convergence experience and the collective awakening and expansion of consciousness.

The intentions of this project are building community and sharing tools, wisdom, and resources. The Sunshine Bliss Project aspires to be on the leading edge of the new paradigm by embodying aspects of cooperative alliances and collective leadership while implementing the resource, barter, and gig based models in harmony with the energy of money. The desire is for humanity to affirm and remember their divinity as multi-dimensional beings and conscious creators within the quantum field of the holographic experience.



Sunshine David Kellett is a sensitive soul who grew up in a middle class family living a simple and sheltered life. He felt like an alien and outcast spending a lot of time in isolation. His life seemed easy and uneventful. After graduating from high school he was lost. Dave couldn't function within a chaotic and dysfunctional reality. Sunshine didn't resonate with all the expectations which society heaped upon him in order to be normal, successful, happy, and to fit in. Dave floated from job to job throughout the next 20 years with an abundance of free time to reflect. He felt alone, misunderstood, and suffered from anxiety and depression. Sunshine could not find peace and fulfillment. Nothing made sense to him. Dave felt there was more to reality than what he was taught or told.

On Groundhog Day in 2011 Sunshine Dave had a profound supernatural experience while at a 10 day Vipassana course (silent retreat). Four light beings visited his room one night and infused him with source energy. Dave experienced divine love. He started having supernatural experiences with the sun, portals opened in his bedroom at home, animals began walking up to Dave in the park, light energies and translucent forms became visible, and when Sunshine Dave lay his hands on and facilitated energy sessions the recipients pain often dissolved and some souls would journey into higher dimensional realities. He would later refer to these experiences and time period as his Bliss awakening.

Sunshine started connecting with other unique people who didn't fit into the conditioned norms of society including the Toronto spiritual community. During his fourth 10 day Vipassana course in September of 2012 Dave connected with and received guidance from the spirit of Sayagyi U Ba Khin (who may be considered the grandfather of modern day Vipassana) revealing that Dave was a teacher who incarnated to show others how to love. Dave became magnetic and after the course people began to call him Sunshine. This became his avatar name.

In 2013 Sunshine Dave received two certifications in healing modalities including Reiki. At the Om Solstice (summer) gathering Dave had his coming out party. It culminated on the day of the Solstice when he twice experienced time stopping and reality freezing for upwards of thirty seconds. Sunshine Dave observed reality as the creator looking through the eyes of the avatar character. He realized that humans were multi-dimensional beings existing within a holographic matrix. After returning from the forest Sunshine started facilitating events and gatherings. Dave realized he had the ability to lead and unite people.

Sunshine was riding a wave of love and light. In 2015 life begin to spiral downwards. In 2016 it completely fell apart. Late Sunday evening of the Canada Day holiday weekend Dave started having flashbacks to the day he was born. This happened in slow motion while his father was in the middle of a medical emergency. Within a twenty four hour period he lost his job due to a serious arm injury and experienced 46 years of repressed memories, emotions, and pain surfacing. Sunshine had been spiritual bypassing and had no idea. Dave disassociated from his body and reality, and experienced the effects of psychosis and complex post-traumatic stress.  Sunshine was overwhelmed and suffered from a dysregulated nervous system, insomnia, nightmares and sleep paralysis when he did sleep, daily anxiety and panic attacks, clenching jaw and teeth, the pressure of being the primary caregiver for his father, having no credit, and being unable to work. The doctors and medical system weren't helpful. Sunshine hid from the world in shame and tried to heal himself. This triggered a 7.5 year Dark Night of The Soul (Ego) and Void experience. Dave would later refer to this time period as the Sledgehammer awakening. Sunshine didn’t realize that he would be reliving all the triggers, trauma, and subconscious programming and patterning being brought into conscious awareness.

Dave spent the next 1.5 years trying to run, numb, distract, and avoid unbearable emotional pain. His mind was going bat-shit crazy and Sunshine’s addictions controlled him. In late 2017 Dave had a vision about his mission and channeled the name “The Sunshine Bliss Project”. More details were revealed in 2018 while volunteering at The Center for Social Innovation in Regent Park. This was the beginning of a long and grueling comeback. Later that same year Sunshine reached out for help and started expressing personal life experiences through social media. His written posts were therapeutic. These raw sharing’s connected with other awakening souls.

In early 2020 Sunshine Dave was gifted a business course at Rise. The teachers, coaches, and business leaders assisted him with creating a tangible blueprint to manifest his vision and begin a six year journey piecing together the infrastructure for the project. When the world shut down this forced Sunshine to go within and revealed how deeply it affected him playing the role of the scapegoat child and dark mirror for others, absorbing energetic projections, and healing his ancestral lineage. He spent a lot of time in nature going on both hiking and cycling quests to integrate and ground.

In August of 2022 Sunshine enrolled in a fifth 10 day Vipassana course where he had a supernatural experience on the last night where the entire room filled up with light and divine source energy swept through his body. Dave felt joy for the first time in years being substance free and cried for three days.

In 2023 Dave used Auto-Suggestion to create the best job of his life. This tool planted a seed and showed him that his vision and dream was possible. Being able to relax with a stable part-time job allowed Sunshine Dave to boost his self-care and acquire the items, services, and experiences necessary for his journey.

In 2024 Sunshine continued purging at a deep cellular level while activating dormant DNA light codes. As Dave healed, addictions began to dissolve. In March Sunshine experienced a rebirth at a psilocybin ceremony. Dave focused on physical level healing and implemented aspects of Reality Transurfing and The Reality Creation Technique.

Sunshine David Kellett launched The Sunshine Bliss Project on May 1st, 2024 on his 54th birthday. He was born in Toronto, Canada where he currently resides. Dave is an Interactive Guide and Matrix Hacker.

Last Updated:  March 14th, 2024

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